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247Waiter is the only thing you need to process orders on your own website, at a fraction of the price.
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Receive orders directly from your own website (regardless of whether you already have a website or prefer to use our free website template)

Stop paying commissions to GrubHub, Eat24, DoorDash, etc.

As a restaurant owner, you'll love 247Waiter

Personalize the menu (and your website) so customers can recognize your brand

A back-end system so easy, even a child can update everything

Payment processing system that is cheaper than PayPal, Square, Amazon, etc. (with processing rates of 2.5% + $0.25)

Receive incoming online orders by email, fax or automated printing

Create your restaurant's new website now

Website with an Online Ordering System 
For Restaurants Who Don't Like Paying Commissions


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Tammie Rosenblum - Rush St. Pizza

Kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Website & Online Ordering System in 1 solution.

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We'll upload your menu to your new 
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Frequently Asked Questions

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I don't have a website, what should I do? 

If you don't have a website, signing up with us will give you a full website with built-in online ordering system. No extra charge. We're not talking about a basic awful looking website. You get something you can be proud of and show off!

Do you take a percentage from every order?

No we do not, we have a flat monthly fee and a flat order transmission fee that covers sending the order to you through an alert (phone call or text) and email to you and the customer, fax, printer. We do not take a percentage of each order! Your sales are your sales, no one should be taking a percentage of your order. We simply provide you the technology to take online orders.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Absolutely not! No contracts, No obligations! Our goal is to help your business & if we help your business, you will naturally continue to use our service.

How quickly can I set up and start taking orders?

If we are doing the setup 100% then 1 to 1.5 weeks look & feel and entering the menu. Depending on how big/complicated your menu is, this could be done in a week or take a little longer. Average turnaround time for us provided everything is ready is 1 to 1.5 weeks.

Since you have access to everything & our system is do-it-yourself, you could enter your menu & be up and running the same day! Sign up, enter your restaurant information and put a link from your existing website to your online ordering site.

If you do not have a website, it will take just a few days to get the site ready & point a domain to your site and give you a standalone website.

Can we update our menu on our own?

Absolutely. You have access to the backend of your online ordering site which allows you to update menu/items (add pictures)/specials everything yourself and it updates on the site instantly. A lot of our customers actually do this, they update their menu daily with specials, changes etc...

How are credit cards processed and how do we receive the money?

You can process credit cards through us or get your own ecommerce merchant account. If we are doing the processing, you get your money within 24-48 hours after settlement time (6pm EST). If you are doing your own processing, you get the money as per your processor's regular schedule.

Keep in mind, if you want to do your own processing online, you WILL need an ecommerce merchant account. The credit card processing account you have in store, is for retail & does not work online. You can simply get in touch with your provide and open another account for ecommerce processing or easily use our system.

How will I receive my orders?

Orders can be sent to you a number of ways. Sending a fax to your fax machine, e-mailed to you, viewing online through your site's admin area & sending the order to your printer using our software or emailed to your wireless/email enabled printer such as HP ePrinters.

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